A Digital Image Sold for 69.35 Million Dollars at Christies' Auction

We can categorize the NFTs into Art NFT, FI NFT, IP NFT and Game NFT. According to the research team at CyberMiles, many problems are identified with the current NFT market. All of them are to some extent preventing NFT from being enjoyed by more users, and may cause losses and risks to users who join the craze blindly. The following is derived from CyberMile’ research.  ART NFT has not yet developed a stable market preference and is highly susceptible to manipulation by pumping sharks; and the individual token prices are often overvalued and not for ordinary users to participate.

Sino-Global Joins CyberMiles in Launching a Highly-Secure NFT Exchange

March 18, 2021 – Sino-Global Shipping America, Ltd. (NASDAQ: SINO) collaborates with the public blockchain CyberMiles to launch a new exchange for NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The new NFT exchange will serve as a highly-secure, robust platform for collectors, artists, musicians and investors to create, sell and buy one of a kind, digital content represented as NFTs. The companies expect to officially launch their new NFT platform in July 2021, providing a critical link between the virtual blockchain world and the physical world.

Sino Global Shipping Partners up with CyberMiles Blockchain to Go Full Power into the Skyrocketing NFT Business

Sino Global Shipping America, a Nasdaq traded company, will work with CyberMiles, an e-commerce public blockchain, to jointly launch a blockchain non-fungible token (NFT) CRC-721 protocol and trading platform, which will allow enterprises, institutions, and individuals to conveniently issue NFTs on the CyberMiles public blockchain and also trade NFTs easily. A non-fungible token (NFT) is a special type of cryptographic token issued on blockchain which represents something unique and one of a kind; Non-fungible tokens are not mutually interchangeable, thus has the perfect use cases for art pieces and anything that are collectibles.

Tutorial: How to record your graduate certificate on CyberMiles public blockchain

The graduation certificate of Tianjin University will be permanently recorded on the CyberMiles blockchain, which can be stored permanently and cannot be tampered with! How is this achieved? The entire Dapp design is divided into two parts: * The smart contract records key information to ensure that the information cannot be corrected. This part is equivalent to the replacement of traditional applications; * The front-end display page is implemented using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, 100% copying the real world certificate.

All Possiblities at the Age of ETH 2.0

On 18th June, CyberMiles chief scientist was invited to attend the Show hosted by Jinse Media and participated in the discussion on “All possibilities in the age of Ethereum 2.0”, together with the following 3 guests. SECBIT Laboratory, Guo Yu PlatOn, Dr. Xia Loopring Protocol, Wang Dong Hello, I’m Michael Yuan. I’m the CEO of Second State and one of the co-founder of the public blockchain CyberMiles. Our team is the developers for Ethereum’s next-generation virtual machine, Ewasm.

CMT 2020 Second Quarter Release Announcement

Dear CMT holders! According to the CyberMiles Whitepaper, the CyberMiles Foundation address 0x1a14Ec3003C943a0624C7c513D502559c8b1b041 holds 200 million CMTs, to be released 10% every quarter, as planned to the CyberMiles team and partners, like 5miles. The 20 million CMTs in the second quarter of 2020 is expected to be released on June 17th. This release is as scheduled and is completely in accordance with the CyberMiles white paper’s plan. You are welcome to supervise.

OKEx Pool as CyberMiles' Validator: Stake and win a Cube

OKEx Pool became one of CyberMiles’ validator and is currently ranking the third with 27238182 voting powers and declared a compensation rate of 30 percent. OKEx Pool is a world’s leading comprehensive mining pool built upon the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange OKEx, offering a one-stop mining and trading experience for users, supporting the mining of PoW, PoS, and PoS-variant cryptocurrencies. It has become supernodes of multiple cryptocurrencies, including EOS and COSMOS.

Issue your own CRC20 token on CyberMiles

Last week, we introduced an artist who issued his own CRC20 tokens LCT to motivate his community. When the members published their own painting, then the member will receive the LCT token as a reward. The LCT token could be used to exchange the artist’s painting. You can easily issue your CRC20 token with CyberMiles App, if you have at least 1,000 CMT in your CMT address. But if you want to write some code and start from scratch, you can also use BUIDL for CMT to issue your own tokens.

Release of EWASM test net based on CyberMiles public blockchain

A NEW public EWASM test net based on Second State’s virtual machine technology and CyberMiles public blockchain software just launched. CYBERMILES becomes one of the world’s first public blockchains to support Ethereum’s next-generation virtual machine. Developers can deploy the new Ewasm smart contract by running the Ethereum’s next-generation virtual machine on the new Ewasm test net of CyberMiles. WebAssembly allows near-native code performance without compromising security. In addition, the WebAssembly community is much more vibrant and larger.

Building Blockchain Apps Published in the United States

Building Blockchain Apps Published in the United States Budding young developers are get ever more interested in learning how to write blockchain related program. Building Blockchain Apps, a comprehensive blockchain development guide, by Dr. Michael Yuan, the chief scientist for CyberMiles, is published in the United States. Building Blockchain Apps is published by Addison-Wesley, which is part of Pearson Plc, the world’s largest higher education publishing group, with books selected as teaching materials by the world’s top universities.