TISS by TokenInsight Becomes CyberMiles Latest Validator and Startegic Partner

CyberMiles is excited to announce a new #Validator, TISS by TokenInsight, a leading blockchain rating, research and analytics agency. TISS’s validator compensation rate is initially set at a low 25% to encourage stakes from the CMT community. TokenInsight Staking Service (TISS) has officially entered a strategic partnership with CyberMiles, with a focus on data collaboration, community governance, and ecosystem development. Building on its CyberMiles collaboration, TISS is slated to run validator nodes for multiple PoS blockchains, joining in the effort to secure and grow the PoS ecosystem.

More giveaways with FairPlay DApp are coming

Thanks for all players who has participated the two-week giveaway and our lovely sponsors. We have 1900+ players in the last campaign in June. FairPlay #DApp statistics round-up. Amazing performance! Thanks go to all of our sponsors!!! For more prizes, visit https://t.co/fvkD81v0rB@FairPlayDapp#luckydraw #fair #raffle #luck #win #prize #crypto #jackpot #blockchain #token #ecommerce #freebie #gift pic.twitter.com/Pp6DfUt9RF — CyberMiles (@cybermiles) June 27, 2019 This campaign has ended with great popularity. For those who missed the chance to enter, no need to be regretful, because the giveaways are gonna keep coming!

How to import your ERC-20 CMTs

First, you’ll need to download the CyberMiles App to your device. Once downloaded, select “Import Wallet” at the bottom of your screen. There are three (3) ways to import your ERC20 CMT: by mnemonic words, private key, or keystore. Choose one of these methods**. **Note: During your import, be advised that you must remember your mnemonic words, private key, or keystore and password, and your imported CMT wallet’s password.

CyberMiles App Releases its Newest Version, Enabling Staking Function

CyberMiles App (formerly CMT Wallet)3.0 is officially launched, and the mobile App staking CMT function is now enabled! Now users can use the CyberMiles App to stake their CMTs to validators (supernodes) to get block revenue. Come and download here! Based on the current stake of the whole network, now that the stake 10,000 CMT, the compensation rate is 30%, the block income that can be obtained in one year is 1515 CMTs.

How to stake with CyberMiles App to get Block Award

CyberMiles App (formerly CMT Wallet) 3.0 enables staking function today!!! Hooray! Now CMT holders can get block award by staking with mobile App! After the mainnet upgrade, the main factors for block award calculation are: Total staked amount in the whole CyberMiles network. The validator’s compensation rate. The lower the remuneration rate, the better for the staker (delegator). Your staked CMT amount. the higher the amount, the higher the block award.

FairPlay: a new type of DApp

Credits: FairPlay is developed by Second State, an open source enterprise smart contract platform, and deployed on the CyberMiles public blockchain. What is FairPlay FairPlay uses smart contracts to conduct automated prize draws that are fair and transparent. It allows anyone to create and participate in product giveaways and e-commerce marketing campaigns. Since its launch, FairPlay has routinely reached a DAU (Daily Active Users) of 1000 (according to Google Analytics), with each giveaway receiving hundreds of on-chain transactions, making it one of the most popular DApps of all public blockchains.

Today CyberMiles Blockchain Welcomes Another Validator, SNZ Holding

CyberMiles community embraces a newcomer Validator today! SNZ Holding, CyberMiles’ newest Validator, is up and running, joining in the maintainance of the network security of CyberMiles blockchain. To be a Validator, SNZ Holding has self-staked 3 million CMTs as a commitment to CMT Community. It claims a compensation rate of 25% for all its delegators. SNZ Holding is an institution dedicated to providing high-standard and professional POS validation services. SNZ has been engaged in investment, consultancy, community building and other business related to blockchain since 2016 and is an early investor in Ethereum, Dfinity, Cosmos, Polkadot and other renowned projects.

Win a shiny lipstick from HashQuark ($37 USD value)

Ready for the last prize with @FairPlayDapp launch campaign? FairPlay Dapp is the world’s most transparent lucky draw tool for you to draw a prize! Fair, automated, and decentralized prize drawings. Powered by and guaranteed by blockchain smart contracts! No shenanigans. Try your luck today. The winners are chosen by smart contracts with its embedded random number generator. See how it works. Today’s the very last and special prize is from HashQuark!

Win a Limited Edition Metal Art from AnChain.ai ($499 USD value)

Smart contract safety is extremely important for DApps. The winner drawing of the FairPlay smart contract is based on a safe random number generated by CyberMiles Validators. The secure random number generator for smart contracts is a key innovation of CyberMiles. CyberMiles has a strong technology partnership with AnChain.ai, an AI-powered blockchain security firm. In 2018, AnChain.ai detected the first Blockchain APT (BAPT) hack in history: BAPT-FOMO3D that stole $4 millions worth of ETHs.

Win a Philips Electric Shaver for Father's Day gift, sponsored by Lvl.99

Father’s Day is just around the corner! Do you have a gift in mind for Dad? The man who has been the most caring guardian for you deserves something nice! No idea yet? This is where CyberMiles comes to rescue! Enter to win a Philips Electric Shaver ($50). This prize is sponsored by lvl.99, a CyberMiles genesis Validator. Lvl 99 is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It represents a group of Indonesia investors who had supported CyberMiles since day one.