CyberMilesNFT Newsletter- How CyberWorld Empowers Content Creators on Patreon and more?

Patreon is more than a crowdfunding platform Patreon was founded by Jack Conte and Sam Yam in 2013. Creators can sell their content or works directly to their fans on Patreon. In addition, subscribers can donate a certain amount of money to the creators and artists they support to help them grow. Patreon is a membership-based platform that allows creators to monetize on their creations. The starting point is to provide ongoing funding for creators and artists: they can “ask” fans for money if their works are uploaded.

CyberMilesNFT Newsletter - Calling for Creators to Make NFTs on CyberWorld

CyberWorld NFT Marketplace will allow credit card payment in November. In addition, CyberWorld will provide the NFT airdrop distribution tool, which helps artists and content creators to produce many NFTs at one time and airdrop them to their followers and fans. Wanna have a try and mint an NFT and transfer it to your fans, family, and friends? Join CyberWorld now to enjoy creator perks! Background About CyberWorld and the Team: CyberWorld is a blockchain NFT marketplace jointly built by CyberMiles and Sino-Global Shipping America, Ltd.

Market Research (Reference: TokenInsight)

Background: Thanks to TokenInsight for its detailed report on the NFT market in Q2 and July. According to TokenInsight 2021 Q2 & July NFT Industry Report, we make a conclusion with the report about the hottest projects, developments, and latest data on the NFT market. TokenInsight is a great partner of CyberMiles and a supportive validator on the CM public blockchain. Welcome to stake with them. Here is the tutorial: How to stake with CyberMiles App to get Block Award.

CyberMilesNFT Newsletter - CyberWorld Supports BOA in Building Their NFT Marketplace

With the heat of NFT continues to rise, all industries are jumping on the NFT bandwagon. CyberWorld partnered with the Bank of Asia (BOA) in building their BOA’s NFT marketplace, BOAX, in July 2021. With the grand opening of the 2021 Olympic Games, BOA Financial Group officially launched the new premium NFT marketplace BOAX, which allows users to trade digital assets online. The first NFT artwork, “Olympic Happiness,” exclusive was released on the BOAX NFT Marketplace on 23 July 2021, which was created by Dr.

CyberMilesNFT Newsletter - NFT Market’s Regulatory Challenges

In the previous CyberMiles Newsletter series article analyzing the challenges of hype, money laundering, illegal financing, infringement, and fraud that the NFT market faces in detail, we pre-announced discussion on the regulation of the NFT market. NFT market has to be regulated to protect all parties involved, not only those who simply want to buy the NFTs for collections but also the owners of artworks and artists who want to release NFTs.

Roadmap 2021 for CyberMiles NFT Platform CyberWorld

CyberMiles NFT Platform, CyberWorld, has been officially launched together with Sino Global in May 2021 ahead of schedule. CyberWorld Version 0.5 attracted great attention from over 120, 000 users in the community. CyberWorld Version 1.0 is launched with bugs fixed. CyberWorld Genesis NFTs were minted and released along with the launch. A powerful token distribution software was developed to automatically send any crypto tokens to massive number of addresses. CyberWorld Version 2.

CyberMilesNFT Newsletter - Under the Boom of Digital Collectibles, What the Challenges NFT Faces?

Last week, CyberMiles shared an article about the pros and cons of OpeaSea and CyberWorld (Click here for more details). Today, we'll talk about some issues of the NFT market. As mentioned in the previous CyberMiles articles, NFT speared ahead in the arts, sports, games, music, fashion, and other industries. NFT is continues expanding its presence. Digital art is moving from the niche to the masses. There is no doubt that NFT has led to the emergence of new forms of digital work transactions and marketplaces, providing high-profile and underground artists with a new way of income.

CyberMilesNFT Newsletter — What Are the Advantages of CyberWorld comparing with OpenSea?

With the rise of the NFT market, led by some notable projects like NBA Topshop, CyrproPunks, the NFT market has seen a wave of digital collectibles and NFT exchange platforms. Devin Finzer launched an NFT exchange platform in 2017 called ‘OpenSea’, attracting a lot of attention as an early NFT project platform. As a result, the total market sales grew from $8 million in January to $150 million in March 2021.

CyberMilesNFT Newsletter- The NFT Boom: Luxury Brands Lead the Digital Fashion Trend?

The age of digital consumption seems to be changing the marketing model of every industry. Fashion brands seem to transfer to digital networks and technology as a way out of their transformation and upgrading. The luxury group LVMH formed a partnership with Google in June that will use AI to provide personalized services and content in order to enhance user experience. LVMH, Cartier’s parent company Richemont and Prada jointly announced that the three parties plan to create a solution powered by ‘Aura Blockchain’, a global luxury blockchain open to all luxury brands.

CyberMilesNFT Newsletter- World Wide Web Source Code Made NFT Auctioned for Millions. What does this mean for Programmers?

A big NFT news in June: Tim Berners-Lee, Father of the Internet, minted ‘World Wide Web’ source code to NFT on 15th June and sold at Sotheby’s on 30th June. Bidding started from $1000 and lasted for a week. The final price was over $5.4 million. Named “ This Changes Everything”, the NFT consists of four parts. Work includes 1. The original archive of dated and time-stamped files containing the source code.