Ask CyberMiles Question 2: Is there any chance for staking community to get a simple calculator for staked CMTs?

Q: Is there any chance for staking community to get a simple calculator for staked CMTs? A: Yes. We have simplified computation. ROI depends on 2 factors: the amount of CMTs put on stake; the ratio of CMTs between cube and Wallet. There will be a simple calculator on CMT explorer to show real time ROI. Caculator comes with the new version of CMT Wallet. Learn more at

CMTs Release Notice

Dear CMT holders, According to CyberMiles whitepaper, CyberMiles Foundation is allocated with 200 million vested CMTs since the start. The CMTs owned by CyberMiles Foundation will release 10% per quarter, to be given to CyberMiles team & partners, and also 5miles. CyberMiles Foundation is standardizing the CMTs releasing process to for better transparency. Therefore, before the quarterly release, CyberMiles Foundation is making an announcement to the CMT community via its official website, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Under the hood: the FairPlay DApp (with FAQs)

In this article, I will explain the technical details behind the FairPlay DApp. If you haven’t tried this DApp, please have a look at FairPlay: decentralized prize drawing for e-commerce. Talk is cheap, show me your code! Sure, please see here. Any pull request or issue is welcome ;) Overview This DApp is based on standard web technologies. It uses the web3-cmt.js JavaScript library to interact with the smart contract.

Make libENI safer

TL;DR If you use Docker to run a CyberMiles node, please make sure that you turn on the priviledged Docker option: 1 docker run --privileged --name travis -v $HOME/.travis:/travis -t -p 26657:26657 cybermiles/travis:v0.1.7-beta node start --home /travis Read on to find out how to run a node for the CyberMiles testnet or the mainnet. The long story One of the key technology innovations from the CyberMiles public blockchain is the libENI dynamic extension.

CyberMiles 2019/04 MainNet software update

Following an on-chain governance vote on April 1st 2019, the CyberMiles public blockchain validators (super nodes) coordinated a successful software upgrade on April 4th 2019 to improve the usability and stability of the blockchain. After a brief service interruption to restart the validator nodes with upgraded software, all services have now resumed. The highlights from this upgrade are as follows. Application developers We brought two exciting features to the CyberMiles MainNet.

CyberMiles Roadmap 2019

CyberMiles is a public blockchain optimized for e-commerce. We have recently updated our development roadmap for 2019 to reflect our laser focus on utilizing blockchain technology to better serve the e-commerce industry. One of our primary aims is to design and develop a product that allows buyers and sellers with no technical experience to use blockchain technology at ease. As always, we welcome comments and insights on the updated 2019 roadmap.

CyberMiles Community Update (mid-March 2019)

1. ICE, parent company of Bakkt and NYSE, adds CMT to crypto data feed Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), which builds, operates and advances global markets through information and technology, has added 58 leading cryptocurrencies to its crypto data feed, including the CyberMiles Token (CMT). This move by ICE, which owns of 12 financial exchanges and marketplaces, including the storied New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), is a significant for CMT because, in addition to NYSE, the company has invested heavily in Bakkt, purportedly “the first integrated, institutional grade exchange-traded markets and custody solution for physical delivery of digital assets.

Decentralized e-commerce at 5miles

Migration of the popular 5miles e-commerce market place to a decentralized platform is a major milestone for real world blockchain applications. CyberMiles together with 5miles are going to accomplish this through the following steps. Migrate 5miles product information and user reviews into a CyberMiles smart contract. A web-based DApp will be created to allow users easy access to such information. The CyberMiles public blockchain guarantees e-commerce data integrity, accuracy, and transparency.

Should the CyberMiles Foundation withdraw its stakes from validators?

Following our latest engagement toward the community, we have released a dApp for all CMT holders to participate in the community governance. After a simulation vote based on Chinese blockbusters, CyberMiles Foundation would like to get your opinion about a question that could change the direction of CyberMiles’ future: Should the CyberMiles Foundation withdraw its stakes from validators? The CyberMiles Foundation has staked most of its CMTs, including those still in lock-up period to CyberMiles validators.