Decentralized e-commerce at 5miles

Migration of the popular 5miles e-commerce market place to a decentralized platform is a major milestone for real world blockchain applications. CyberMiles together with 5miles are going to accomplish this through the following steps. Migrate 5miles product information and user reviews into a CyberMiles smart contract. A web-based DApp will be created to allow users easy access to such information. The CyberMiles public blockchain guarantees e-commerce data integrity, accuracy, and transparency.

Should the CyberMiles Foundation withdraw its stakes from validators?

Following our latest engagement toward the community, we have released a dApp for all CMT holders to participate in the community governance. After a simulation vote based on Chinese blockbusters, CyberMiles Foundation would like to get your opinion about a question that could change the direction of CyberMiles’ future: Should the CyberMiles Foundation withdraw its stakes from validators? The CyberMiles Foundation has staked most of its CMTs, including those still in lock-up period to CyberMiles validators.

Writing a Hello World Smart Contract for CyberMiles

“Hello World” is often the first program those learning to code write. It’s no exception for building your first blockchain smart contract. This is a step-by-step guide of how to develop a “Hello World” smart contract with Lity. Prerequisites Before you start, prepare the following tools to develop on the CyberMiles blockchain. Install Chrome browser The CyberMiles visual developer tools work on the Chrome browser platform. Download and install Chrome browser.

The next wave in blockchain data

Last year we provided an in-depth look into blockchain storage, also known as global state. In that article I compared the two vastly different types of data in an Ethereum-compatible blockchain: permanent data and ephemeral data. Today let’s explore the use of the permanent data, more specifically how we currently can turn raw event log data into rich information, suitable for DApps. Allow me also to detail some design characteristics of off-chain data storage projects and, in turn, point out the enormous opportunities that are on the horizon.


各位好,CyberMiles 公链在2019.01.05-2019.01.18 期间进展如下: 5miles 将使用CyberMiles 公链进行区块链改造 CyberMiles 创

Building a safer crypto token

Another day, another billion-dollar Ethereum hack. This time the hack evaporated more than two billion USD worth of market value due to a bug in the smart contract written in Solidity. On the CyberMiles blockchain, while we are fully backward compatible with Ethereum, we make this type of bug virtually impossible to write. Here’s what you need to know. The Beauty Chain (BEC) was a high-profile cryptocurrency in China. Its stated goal is to be “a truly decentralized and beauty-themed ecosystem.

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