Welcome Dr. Marc Fleury to CyberMiles!

Twenty years ago, the Open Source community was at a crossroad. The method of decentralized software production (aka Open Source collaboration), championed by a small number of ideology-driven developers, had produced very impressive results such as the Linux operating system, the Apache web server, the GCC compilers, and much more. Yet, the mainstream software powerhouses were still skeptical and even hostile to software decentralization (Microsoft called it a “cancer”, worse than scam).

I accidentally killed it (and evaporated $300 million)

Github user devops199 said on Twitter “I accidentally killed it”. Before anyone can blink an eye, his “accident” has “killed” Ethereum accounts holding over $300M in crypto assets. On average, each of his 4 words cost $75M. One of those Ethereum accounts belongs to the Polkadot project, and it held close to $90M before it was “killed”. Someone asked devops199 after the incident: Why did you do it? His response?

What is CyberMiles?

What makes the CyberMiles blockchain and tokens so unique? Why do we call the CyberMiles Token (CMT) the “master token” for e-commerce? Join us through our token sale event! CyberMiles is a next generation blockchain for smart contracts. Its Smart Business Contract is designed to be far more powerful than Ethereum Smart Contracts. It will be the next generation Ethereum (ETH). 2.CyberMiles is optimized for e-commerce applications. It will provide a large library of commerce-related Smart Business Contracts, making it a breeze to build decentralized commerce applications.