Following our latest engagement toward the community, we have released a dApp for all CMT holders to participate in the community governance.

After a simulation vote based on Chinese blockbusters, CyberMiles Foundation would like to get your opinion about a question that could change the direction of CyberMiles’ future: Should the CyberMiles Foundation withdraw its stakes from validators?

The CyberMiles Foundation has staked most of its CMTs, including those still in lock-up period to CyberMiles validators. The main reason to do so is to reduce extra CMT supply (and sell side pressure) caused by the systematic inflation. The awards generated by Foundation stakes are locked up in the Foundation account and will not be available in the open market for at least a year. When the awards are unlocked in the future, the Foundation promises to consult the community and only use the income in community building expenditures.

However, validators and CMT Cube holders have voiced their concerns to the Foundation. They feel that the Foundation staking unfairly reduces their staking income. Should the Foundation withdraw its stakes?

The snapshot is scheduled at 2 PM on February 23rd, 2019 (UTC), the vote will start at 6 AM on February 24th (UTC) and will finish at 6 AM on February 27th (UTC). This vote will require each address to have at least 1000 CMTs.

CMT holders, make your voice counts!

To learn how to vote, please click here.


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