CyberMiles is a public blockchain optimized for e-commerce. We have recently updated our development roadmap for 2019 to reflect our laser focus on utilizing blockchain technology to better serve the e-commerce industry. One of our primary aims is to design and develop a product that allows buyers and sellers with no technical experience to use blockchain technology at ease.

As always, we welcome comments and insights on the updated 2019 roadmap.


The 5miles user data migration to the CyberMiles blockchain is being implemented as planned. We have started exploring e-commerce DApps. At the same time, the technical team is planning a major virtual machine upgrade to support alternative gas fee mechanisms, which will greatly reduce the DApp barrier of entry and allow far more users to experience the CyberMiles blockchain technology. Based on community’s input and suggestions, we will also adjust the reward mechanism of the DPoS protocol for better transparency.

1. E-commerce DApp

  • 5miles data migration
  • Smart contract supported stable coin purchases

2. Virtual machine upgrades

  • Secure random numbers in smart contracts
  • Option for the contract owner to pay for gas fees

3. CMT Wallet

  • Allow new wallet users to experience some DApps without acquiring CMTs first
  • Staking from the wallet apps (the final decision is subject to community voting)

4. Mainnet DPoS reward mechanism adjustments

  • Make the algorithm simpler and easier to understand
  • Rewards during the 7-day unstaking period


E-commerce DApps will see significant progress in this quarter. The community will release C2C e-commerce products, making it easy for users to buy and sell things. The virtual machine will also continue to see upgrades that are tailored to the needs of e-commerce. At the same time, the CyberMiles Foundation will continue to contribute technologies to the larger community under open source. For example, we will continue our code contributions to high profile projects such as the Uniswap Exchange.

1. E-commerce DApp

  • Support decentralized escrow transactions
  • Build a search engine to make it easier to find e-commerce products on the CyberMiles public blockchain
  • Release a C2C e-commerce platform and virtual marketplace

2. Virtual machine upgrades

  • Allow input and output of complex data types in smart contract functions
  • Suport JSON
  • Support a common string library
  • Support smart contract formal verification

3. On-chain decentralized exchange Uniswap

  • Continue to provide core development resources for Uniswap
  • Launch Uniswap on the CyberMiles blockchain


If a theme should be named for this quarter's work, it would be “open source”. This quarter we will release the a technology standard for creating e-commerce stores on the blockchain. Anyone who conform to this standard will be able to create stores on the CyberMiles blockchain and start selling anything they want. In addition, we plan to make significant contributions to the official Ethereum 2.0 Virtual Machine eWASM. We will also make our staking API available to third party developers, publish a CMT Wallet SDK, and gradually expand the reach of our technology.

1. E-commerce DApp

  • Publish the standard for decentralized e-commerce contracts and DApps
  • Enable more decentralized e-commerce platforms to be integrated with CyberMiles public blockchain through open APIs

2. Virtual machine upgrades

  • Support multiple side chain standards such as Plasma
  • First in the industry to support Ethereum 2.0 virtual machine eWASM standard

3. CMT Wallet

  • Support external third party wallet staking
  • Provide a staking API
  • Support CMT Wallet SDK for third-party e-commerce applications to directly use CMT and stable coin