Q: Is it easy to build DApps on Cybermiles blockchain and what background knowledge do I need?

A: It is easy. For the traditional software developers, there are two things to learn.

The first is a programming language called Lity, based on Solidity from Ethereum, with the same grammar but with slightly different keywords. [Lity] develops smart contracts, and then you use a Javascript library called web3 to interact with the smart contracts. We are making more developer tools that will come in summer. But for now, you can use an online IDE where you can directly type your code and see how it is on our testnet. You can visit it at europa.cybermiles.io. As soon as you go there you'll see a code editor for Lity that says Hello World already. You can just deploy and it goes on CyberMiles testnet.

We also have a bunch of articles in the developer section of our website. Just go to https://cybermiles.io/en-us/developer-portal/developer-hub/, a blog with articles teaching you how to code smart contracts for example. We love to talk to developers, if you have any questions, contact us, we have chat groups on Riot and also Slack. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Learn more at cybermiles.io.