Q: What are the next steps for Cybermiles to reach new markets?

A: There are a couple of things. First, we want to reach the international market, outside of east Asia. China and Vietnam are the largest group of CMTs holders so far, and we have benefited tremendously from them. Our ecommerce platform is mostly in the United States.

So to open up CMT staking from the wallet is one of the most important steps and also enabling supernodes from various areas and community participation to reach out CMT. The second is, the technology we are trying to do is for global ecommerce. We are still a couple month aways from a truly global ecommerce marketplace, easy to use, legally compliant, and on CyberMiles blockchain. Once we have that, I think we can reach out to the 99.99% people who are not interested in crypto or who haven't heard about it. We will be able to bring the ecommerce where 100% of the population are interested in to them and largely expand our user base. In shorten term, we want to expand CMT holders by having more staking functions, and second, longer term, succeed in ecommerce, which takes time and effort, that's why we ask for your patience since it is a long term goal.