CyberMiles mainnet was sucessfully upgraded without forking on 23th May, following validators’ vote. With this upgrade to the version 0.1.8-beta, CyberMiles validator and delegator block rewards will be easier to understand and calculate. In addition, the CyberMiles Mainnet now allows CMT holders to use CMT Wallet to stake.

Cancelling the loyalty and diversity factor in reward calculation

With this upgrade, the loyalty (the second) and diversity of delegators (the third) factors in the staking rewards calculation cancelled, meaning whenever a CMT holder starts to stake, he or she gets the same block reward with the same amount of CMTs over a same period of time under the same validator. This will be more equal for all delegators. Meanwhile delegators can change validators with no qualms.

During the last upgrade to v0.1.7-beta, the non-linear factor of short-term stake increase's rewards factor was cancelled. Coupled with this time's cancellation of loyalty and diversity factor, the block rewards formula will be linear, i.e. the staking reward amount will only be affected by the staked CMTs amount. With more staked CMTs comes more block rewards proportionately.

Allow CMT Wallet to stake

Another goal for this upgrade is to enable the staking API for CMT Wallet, therefore CMT Wallet can be used by CMT holders to stake and help manage CyberMiles network to gain block reward.

With the upcoming update of the CMT Wallet mobile app , CMT holders will be able to stake right from within the mobile app.

For CMT Cube owners, under the same conditions, the block reward of CMT Cube is 20% higher than that of CMT Wallet. This 20% bonus for CMT Cube addresses will phase out in April 2020.