The FairPlay smart contract enables anyone to create a prize drawing of anything – digital products, physical merchandise, anything that can be sold via e-commerce.The FairPlay games are about fairness, automation, transparency, and decentralization in e-commerce.

This article is a guide on how to create a new giveaway.

When you enter the FairPlay DApp, you see a “Create a new giveaway” button above the search box. You can also find creatng a new giveaway on the top left of the DApp page.

The screenshots below show how to fill out a title and description, upload a product photo, and specify the drawing rules. Once the lucky draw smart contract is created, you will see a QR code that you can save and share with potential participants.

To participate in a lucky draw via QR codes, please check out this article. To participate in a lucky draw with the search engine, please check out this article. After the pre-set end time, the smart contract draws a winner. As a creator, you will be able to see the contact information of the winner.

You should now contact the winner and send out the prize as promised. The winner can come back to the DApp anytime to share his or her experience with the world.