The FairPlay smart contract enables anyone to create a prize drawing of anything – digital products, physical merchandise, anything that can be sold via e-commerce.

Of course, you can also browse or search for FairPlay drawings by keywords or CMT address directly in the FairPlay DApp. This is a key milestone to CyberMiles’ decentralized e-commerce marketplace.

FairPlay prize drawing is fair, fully automated, transparent, and decentralized. All you need is the CMT Wallet mobile application. You do not need CMTs or any other cryptocurrency to participate.

  • Fair: The drawing is done by a random number generator in the CyberMiles Virtual Machine. The secure random number generator is a key innovation of CyberMiles.
  • Automated: Once started, the drawing is done completely by a untrusted network of computers without human intervention.
  • Transparent: Anyone can check all participants and winners on the blockchain. The winner comes back to share his or her experience.
  • Decentralized: Anyone can create a drawing, participate in a drawing, and verify the results.

In the FairPlay DApp, you can

  • Create your own giveaways and share them to your friends with QR codes and links. The smart contract will determine the lucky winner(s) without human intervention.

  • Participate in any available giveaways

  • Type in any keyword to search for giveaways you like. For example, type the word “drone” to find the giveaways of drones

  • Browse the active giveaways to participate and the expired giveaways to check out the results

  • Find the giveaways you created by clicking on ”mine”

  • Find the giveaways you participated in by clicking on “Participated”

  • Find the giveaways you won by clicking on “Won”

The long term vision of the CyberMiles public blockchain is to support an ecosystem of smart contracts that faciliate buying or selling products. FairPlay is an early prototype of such a smart contract - it lists and transacts e-commerce products / items in a decentralized fashion.

Participate in a FairPlay drawing via QR codes

Participate in a FairPlay drawing via the search engine

Create your own FairPlay drawing