The FairPlay games are about fairness, automation, transparency, and decentralization in e-commerce.

You can access the FairPlay DApp directly from your CMT Wallet. Find FairPlay lucky draws to participate in:

Scan the above QR code with your CMT Wallet to see a completed FairPlay lucky draw. You will be able to see the prize, the rules, all the participants (aka players), the winner, and the message the winner leaves after he receives the prize.

How to participate

1 Open the CMT Wallet and click”Scan”

2 Scan the QR code (provided by the lucky draw creator, could by CyberMiles or your friends)

Once you scan the QR code from your CMT Wallet, you will see the lucky draw's DApp page. It includes the product description and drawing rules such as the number of winners and closing time.

3 You can now participate by entering your contact information. You can use anonymous contact information, but please make sure that the lucky draw creator can contact you in case you win!

*If you need to change your information, click the update button

4 Enter your password to send your participation info onto the blockchain. No gas fee is needed.

After the pre-set closing date, the FairPlay smart contract draws the pre-set number of winners. You will be contacted by the contract creator if you win. Once you receive your prize, we encourage you to revisit the DApp page, by scanning the QR code again, to share your exciting experience.