The FairPlay games are about fairness, automation, transparency, and decentralization in e-commerce.

You can access the FairPlay DApp directly from your CMT Wallet. Find FairPlay drawings to participate in:

Search for giveaways from your CMT Wallet

When you enter the FairPlay DApp, you see a search box. You can simply type some keywords, such as pizza and CMT, to search for giveaways.

You can also enter the creator's account address or the smart contract address to search specific smart contracts.

Browse active drawings from your CMT Wallet

When you enter the FairPlay DApp, you will see the 10 most recent giveaways beneath the search box.

Active giveaways have “play” buttons. Click on the “play” button to enter the drawing. Enter your information to participate.

Expired giveaways have grayed out images stamped with “Time is up”. You can click on the “result” button to check out the results.

When you enter the drawing's DApp page, you will see the product description and drawing rules such as the number of winners and closing time.

You can now participate by entering your contact information. You can use anonymous contact information, but please make sure that the drawing creator can contact you in case you win!

After the pre-set closing date, the FairPlay smart contract draws the pre-set number of winners. You will be contacted by the contract creator if you win. Once you receeive your prize, we encourage you to come back to the DApp page, by scanning the QR code again, to share your experience.