CyberMiles proudly launched FairPlay Dapp on 4th of June, for every one to create and take part in lucky draws with a few clicks. This lucky draw Dapp is a key milesstone to CyberMiles’ decentralized marketplace.

Meanwhile, a grandiose 10-days campaign ran on @FairPlayDap empowered with CyberMiles public blockchain was kicked off. A new lucky draw is to be announced everyday for 10 days to draw lucky winners with FairPlayDapp!

![](/images/20190605-giveaway#2-02 .png)

CyberMiles initiated this 10-day giveaways campaign with a 10,000 CMTs prize. One winner will be chosen! Want to hit by the jackpot? If you have not joined yet, don't miss out! Within the first 12 hours of its announcement, there have been 200 strong participants taking part in the lucky draw.

As mentioned, CyberMiles’ partners are joining us in celebrating the FairPlay DApp launch with various gifts to give out.

Now it is time to announce the second giveaway! A gift from 5MILES, our old friend and most loyal partner.

5miles App, out of great celebration, presents a shiny expensive Tiffany-branded gift ! A super adorable corkscrew, with 5miles logo engraved on it . Silver surface with streamlined smoothness. This is an exclusive and customized gift with a story. 5miles ordered a limited few of this corkscrews for some special distinguished guests, some NBA players. The best gift for your family and friends as well. Win it and get the most pleasing wine-opening experience. Imagine using the exact same tool to open a bottle of wine like Luka!

Tempted? Simply download the CMT Wallet app to participate.