The FairPlay Dapp, launched on 4th of June, empowers anyone to create and take part in product promotions and giveaways. With over a thousand Daily Active Users (DAUs) according to Google Analytics, the FairPlay DApp is already one of the most popular DApps in all of blockchains.

The FairPlay Smart Contracts and search engine are key technology milestones to CyberMiles’ decentralized e-commerce marketplace. You can read more about it here.

To celebrate the launch of FairPlay, CyberMiles is running a campaign of giveaways with our multiple partners.

Now it is time to announce the third giveaway on the 3rd day of the celebration campaign!

Scan the QR code with CMT Wallet to participate!

2888 HPTs from Huobi Pool for two lucky winners each. Huobi Pool is one of the world's top 10 crypto mining pools. Scan the QR code below with CMT Wallet to Join!

Huobi Pool generates block awards from BTC, ETH, CMT, EOS, TRX, and other top blockchains, and distributes those awards to Huobi Pool Token (HPT) holders. Huobi Pool is a CyberMiles Validator.

Don't hesitate to share this prize with a friend.

We have already announce two giveaways. Don't miss out if you have not joined yet!

The first giveaway is to win 10,000 CMTs!

The Second giveaway is to win a customized Tiffany Corkscrew, sponsored by 5miles

Video instruction on how to join the lucky draw:

How to create a lucky draw online yourself: