CyberMiles, a public blockchain for ecommerce, is doing a 2-week giveaway campaign to celebrate the grand launch of the new DApp, FairPlay.

The FairPlay Dapp, ran on CyberMiles, empowers everyone to create and take part in online raffles. You can use it to do givaways for product promotions, game among friends or anything you can think of. With inbeded search engine and ecommerce products smart contract creation function, FairPlayDapp is a key technology milestone to CyberMiles’ decentralized e-commerce marketplace. More details

Up to now, with over a thousand Daily Active Users (DAUs) according to Google Analytics, the FairPlay DApp is already one of the most popular DApps in all of blockchains! Yay!!!

The sixth giveaway for this celebration is 600 LiMaGo tokens each for 5 lucky winners, sponsored by LiMaGo, one of the CyberMiles’ Validators.

LiMaGo, a new startup, strives to optimize the way you travel with AI and blockchain technology. Traveling with LiMaGo and its tokens, you can not only find and dine at the yummiest genuine delicacies only locals know, but also the most customized recommendation-based unique experiences.

LiMaGo token is a virtual currency that can be used in Shuffly, an Online Travel Solution powered by AI & Travel Experts live support.

With the tokens, you can call for travel support anytime and anywhere, like:

  • Check for recommendatory itineraries
  • Initiate a conversation to travel experts to make a special plan
  • Request assistance on traveling needs
  • Tip tokens as reward to Shuffly’s service

Don't miss the chance to get the most unique travel experience with LiMaGo!

If you are curious about what LiMaGo brings you, shoot them a message here via Facebook to have a taste.

We have already announced 5 giveaways. Grab the chance to win before it ends!

The first giveaway is to win 10,000 CMTs!

The second giveaway is to win a customized Tiffany Corkscrew, sponsored by 5miles.

The third giveaway is to win 2 prizes of 2,888 HPTs, sponsored by Huobi Pool.

The fourth giveaway is to win 3 DeveloperWeek New York Open passes.

The fifth giveaway is to win a CMT Cube, sponsored by SSSnodes.

Video instruction on how to join the lucky draw:

How to create a lucky draw online yourself: