Ready for the last prize with @FairPlayDapp launch campaign?

FairPlay Dapp is the world’s most transparent lucky draw tool for you to draw a prize! Fair, automated, and decentralized prize drawings. Powered by and guaranteed by blockchain smart contracts! No shenanigans. Try your luck today. The winners are chosen by smart contracts with its embedded random number generator. See how it works.

Today’s the very last and special prize is from HashQuark! HashQuark, the member of HashKey Group, is a staking service provider focusing on public blockchains built upon the likes of PoS and DPoS, including Cosmos, IRISnet, CyberMiles, etc.

If you don't own a cube, before you can stake with CMT wallet, you have the option to stake with HashQuark [here] (

The estimated annual rewards rate is now up to 14%,according to the HashQuark. But please note: The rate of rewards is a general estimation based on recent staking results. The actual rate might fluctuate due to the vary of staking power or other factors.

The giveaway is a Dior’s classic color 999 lipstick! A perfect gift for yourself, your family or friends. It is valued at $37. Imagine how pleasing and enticing it looks if applied on lips! Win to own the most fiery lip! Join now:

Don't hesitate to share this cool prize with everyone to increase the chance of winning! Winners will be drawn in a week! We will contact the winners chosen by smart contract according to the contact info you left. Make sure you leave the correct email.

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Video instruction on how to join the lucky draw:

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