CyberMiles community embraces a newcomer Validator today! SNZ Holding, CyberMiles’ newest Validator, is up and running, joining in the maintainance of the network security of CyberMiles blockchain.

To be a Validator, SNZ Holding has self-staked 3 million CMTs as a commitment to CMT Community. It claims a compensation rate of 25% for all its delegators.

SNZ Holding is an institution dedicated to providing high-standard and professional POS validation services. SNZ has been engaged in investment, consultancy, community building and other business related to blockchain since 2016 and is an early investor in Ethereum, Dfinity, Cosmos, Polkadot and other renowned projects. SNZ is now a validator for more than a dozen blockchain projects including but not limited to Cosmos, IRISnet, EOS, Tron, Ont, Loom, and IoTex and is anticipating more in the near future.

SNZ Holding also educates people on and preaching blockchain technology. It has been hosting blockchain technology related meetups and workshops in Beijing, Shanghai, Paris, etc.

According to SNZ, it will leverage these resources to organize a series of seminars and workshops to expand the community for CyberMiles.

CyberMiles is a public blockchain optimized for e-commerce optimization. It adopts DPoS consensus mechanism and has 19 validators and 5 backup validators.

CyberMiles has already had Huobi Pools, SSSnodes, HashQuark, Cobo Wallet and other organizations that are committed to DPoS blockchain staking as its validators.