CyberMiles App (formerly CMT Wallet)3.0 is officially launched, and the mobile App staking CMT function is now enabled! Now users can use the CyberMiles App to stake their CMTs to validators (supernodes) to get block revenue. Come and download here!

Based on the current stake of the whole network, now that the stake 10,000 CMT, the compensation rate is 30%, the block income that can be obtained in one year is 1515 CMTs. This data is calculated at the block height 1,948,355.

The block award is affected by the total stake of the whole network, the validtador’s compensation rate, the CMT stake amount, and the staking method being CMT Wallet or CMT Cube. You can enter any amount to see its expected award at CyberMiles block browser Use the award calculator to calculate the award at for a specific moment.

*Under the same conditions, the CMT Cube staking award is 20% higher than the CMT Wallet (CyberMiles App).

Block award source

The system has an annual inflation rate of 8%. This inflation is distributed as newly minted CMTs to delegators.

The delegators also receive transaction fees paid by heavy users of the blockchain.


  1. Using CyberMiles App. The number of stakes per address is 1,000 to 100,000 CMTs. You can create multiple addresses for staking
  2. Each address can only stake to one validator
  3. You can cancel your staking anytime, but the unstaking takes about 8 days. You keep getting award during the waiting period. You will need to wait for another 8 days to withdraw the award.
  4. Users of CMT Cube can import the address of CMT Cube into CyberMiles App, but please do not perform any staking operation on CyberMiles App. Once any staking is performed using CyberMiles APP, the system will determine that the address is a CyberMiles App address, and you lose the 20% higher award bonus of the CMT Cube.

CMT Staking Methods

Apart from the CyberMiles App (CMT Wallet), you can also:

  1. Staking with Huobi Pool, you can get HPT, EOS and other rewards.
  2. In the Cobo wallet, choose CMT 30-day currency plan or CMT 90-day currency plan to get CMT income.
  3. Stake with HashQuark at an annual interest of 14%.