CyberMiles App (formerly CMT Wallet) 3.0 enables staking function today!!! Hooray! Now CMT holders can get block award by staking with mobile App!

After the mainnet upgrade, the main factors for block award calculation are:

  1. Total staked amount in the whole CyberMiles network.

  2. The validator’s compensation rate. The lower the remuneration rate, the better for the staker (delegator).

  3. Your staked CMT amount. the higher the amount, the higher the block award.

  4. The staking method being CMT Cube or CyberMiles App. Under the same conditions, the CMT Cube’s staking award is 20% higher than the CyberMiles App and will maintain this rate until April 2020.

  • Important: CMT Cube users can import the address of CMT Cube into CyberMiles App, but please do not stake on CMT Wallet. Once you stake with CyberMiles App using the Cube address, the system will identify that the address belongs to a CyberMiles App. You can no longer enjoy the 20% bonus of the CMT Cube.

Deposit a certain amount of CMTs to the CyberMiles App. (1000 CMTs and above)

*Each CMT Wallet can stake at least 1,000 CMTs and can stake up to 100,000 CMTs. You can choose to create multiple wallet addresses for voting.

1 On he CyberMiles App homepage, click on “Stake” to enter the staking page.

On the staking page, you can see the total staked CMT amount, the first 24 hours of block award, the staking log and other information.

2 Click on “Earning CMTs by Staking” and go to the Validator page to see the current Validators (supernodes) and candidates.

3 Click on a favorite Validator to enter the Validator's detailed introduction page.

The compensation is the compensation payable by the delegator to the validator. The lower the compensation rate, the higher the income of the delegator.

4 Click on “Stake Now”. Fill in the CMT amount that you want to stake, wallet password, and confirm the staking.

Stake Cancellation:

It takes a 7-8 day waiting period to cancel a stake, during which you can continue to get due block award.

Links: Download CyberMiles APP

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