CyberMiles is having a Bounty Program to celebrate the One Year Anniversary of CyberMiles’ Mainnet Launch.The total reward for this one week bounty program is 30,000 CMT. This bounty is fully hosted on the WeBounty Platform. You can take part in the bounty by joining the platform and enter your CyberMiles App address. Remember to download CyberMiles App! Out of the WeBounty platform or without the CyberMiles App address, you may not be rewarded.

  1. The Bounty program starts on 00:00 UTC Oct 16th, 2019 and ends on Oct 23rd, 2019 (1 week only).
  2. To participate in the bounty program, you must be at least 18 years old.
  3. Rewards for each campaign have a cap and once that cap is reached, rewards will no longer be processed or awarded.
  4. Each user can only participate with one account. Users with double-registrations or duplicate accounts (except the initial one) will be permanently banned from the program.
  5. All tokens will be allocated to your CyberMiles App address within 2 weeks of the bounty end date.
  6. FINAL rewards for bounty activities will be CMT.
  7. If you are disqualified for any reason, you will NOT receive any bounty rewards.
  8. CyberMiles team will reserve the right to change any rules, or make any changes, if necessary.
  • 80% of the total bounty is in the referral pool. That is you invite users to join by asking them to join via your link (i.e.

  • 20% of the total bounty is in the content creation pool. The admin will reply and give you points if your words or article is good.

Telegram Bounty Game

Welcome to join the CyberMiles Group! Our bounty program is live here between 16/Oct-23/Oct:

Everyone can participate in the discussion of the project, and describe their understanding of CyberMiles, make gif, picture or articles. The admin will give a rating based on your performance.

Familiarize yourself with CyberMiles to perform better!

Don’t forget to forward our articles!

Excellent discussions and answers will get more bounty reward!

Twitter Bounty Game

The CyberMiles bounty has officially launched at Time: Oct 16 - Oct 23 (00:00 UTC) Total reward: 30,000 CMT About CyberMiles: (link: #bounty #Blockchain @webounty_io