OKEx Pool became one of CyberMiles’ validator and is currently ranking the third with 27238182 voting powers and declared a compensation rate of 30 percent.

OKEx Pool is a world’s leading comprehensive mining pool built upon the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange OKEx, offering a one-stop mining and trading experience for users, supporting the mining of PoW, PoS, and PoS-variant cryptocurrencies. It has become supernodes of multiple cryptocurrencies, including EOS and COSMOS.

Okex Pool confirms that it will contribute to the CyberMiles public blockchain to maintain the stable operation of CyberMiles public blockchain from the technical, ecological construction and all aspects.

In addition, OKEx pool based on its advantages will be launching CMT staking for reward activities in the near future. Please kindly stay tuned.

To celebrate the successful launching of the OKEx pool as CyberMiles’ validator, CyberMiles Foundation offer one CMT Cube to reward CMT holders who stake with OKEx pool.

Date and time: 27 May-27 June How to join: Any user who stake 100,000 CMT to OKEx pool via the CYBERMILES APP or the CMT Cube Prize: A CMT Cube (free shipping) worth $299 will be given to one staker who stake 100, 000 to OKEx Pool