In 2020, CyberMiles’ work will focus on e-commerce applications and blockchain technology innovation, especially virtual machine technology. At the same time, with the improvement of the market environment and the gradual improvement of the developer ecosystem, blockchain technology training and education will also become the focus of CyberMiles’ work.


CyberMiles is a public blockchain built for e-commerce, which has been the in CyberMiles’ gene. After exploration in cryptocurrency shopping, a truely decentralized e-commerce platform, and the US fiat dollar's direct purchase of stablecoin pegged to USD, CyberMiles will continue to explore and try in the e-commerce field to create e-commerce products loved by all.

Q1 New mode of e-commerce: Bid and make money. Users can get USDT reward for every successful bid: markup amount x 10%. Those who succeed in bidding can get value for money goods, and those who don't bid successfully can get bidding rewards. (Already launched)

Q2 Due to the COVID19 pandemic, we are selling anti-coronavirus medical supplies through cross-border e-commerce.

Q3 Test a new blockchain e-commerce auction mode by earning a lot of money.

Q4 Strive to reach the global leading level of blockchain e-commerce in both DAU and GMV.

Blockchain technology

Technology is the foundation. In 2019, CyberMiles has realized the security upgrade of the main net and the function upgrade of the virtual machine, which not only ensures the maximum benefits of validators and delegator stakes, but also makes blockchain applications more developer-friendly and user-friendly. CyberMiles has successfully incubated Second State, a blockchain technology startup. Second State has received investment from SIG, ETC Labs, Ethereum Foundation, etc., and reached technical cooperation with ETC, ETH, and Polkadot.

In 2020, CyberMiles will strengthen technical cooperation with Second State and continue to innovate on blockchain infrastructure such as virtual machines and compilers to make the blockchain more useful. In addition, CyberMiles will cooperate with ETH, ETC, Polkadot through cooperation with Second State.

Q1 CyberMiles participated in the development of the open source community and became one of the core builders of the next-generation infrastructure of the Ethereum protocol.

Q2 CyberMiles supports the launch of CyberMiles-based Ewasm virtual machine test net by Second State, thus becoming the world's first public blockchain to support Ethereum's next-generation virtual machines.

Q3 CyberMiles cooperates with multiple public blockchain and blockchain technology organizations to fund the work of perfecting the SOLL compiler to achieve the goals of supporting multiple programming languages on the front end and Ewasm and EVM on the back end.

Q4 If Ethereum 2.0 is launched as scheduled, CyberMiles will be the first to support virtual machines that comply with Ewasm's usage specifications and support multiple smart contract languages.

Blockchain education training and developer community

As the virtual machine supports JSON and supports contract owner/creators to pay for the Gas fees, the CyberMiles public blockchain is more friendly to blockchain developers and users. In 2020, CyberMiles will support the use of Rust to write smart contracts and use Ewasm-compliant virtual machines. In this way, the scope of blockchain developers will be further expanded. Based on this, CyberMiles will increase blockchain technology evangelism and education in 2020. For example, the book “Building Blockchain Apps” written by Dr. Michael Yuan has multiple languages such as English, Chinese, Italian, Korean, Japanese, etc. Cooperation will be carried out with well-known universities and publishers in China and the United States to jointly conduct blockchain technology education and training activities.

Q1 Hold a number of blockchain technology popularization trainings and lectures in Tianjin to expand the scope of blockchain technology awareness and deepen the understanding of blockchain technology.

Q2 Participate in several blockchain and developer conferences in the United States and globally. Preach the decentralized ecommerce philosophy of CyberMiles.

Q3 The Chinese version of Dr. Michael Yuan’s “Building Blockchain Apps” is expected to be released in China. At that time, we will cooperate with well-known Chinese publishing agencies to conduct a series of publicity activities.

Q4 Cooperate with Ethereum 2.0 online activities to provide developers with a complete set of online and offline development guides.