Building Blockchain Apps Published in the United States

Budding young developers are get ever more interested in learning how to write blockchain related program.

Building Blockchain Apps, a comprehensive blockchain development guide, by Dr. Michael Yuan, the chief scientist for CyberMiles, is published in the United States.

Building Blockchain Apps is published by Addison-Wesley, which is part of Pearson Plc, the world's largest higher education publishing group, with books selected as teaching materials by the world's top universities.

As a public blockchain optimized for E-commerce, CyberMiles has optimized the virtual machine and smart contract language, and has developed CyberMiles virtual machine CVM and intelligent contract language compatible with the ethereum ecosystem. With these optimizations, the community can be decentralized to be a customized & optimized LibENI function for common ecommerce scenarios and DAPPs.

Last year, CyberMiles successfully pioneered no gas required public blockchain model, dramatically lowering the barriers for blockchain applications development. With CyberMiles’ free gas feature, smart contract creators can pay for their users’ gas. Users can use blockchain applications without having to own any cryptocurrency.

In Building Blockchain Apps, Dr. Yuan details how to build an industry-optimized virtual machine and smart contract programming language, such as CVM and Lity, on top of open-source software, based on the CyberMiles team's strong development experience.

Dr. Yuan also explained how the open-source Lity project can be used to extend and support smart contracts that are tailored to specific industries, such as rule engines and e-commerce.

The CyberMiles public blockchain adopts the current popular Tedermint as the underlying architecture, and has been customized and modified according to the characteristics of CyberMiles. How the CyberMiles common blockchain was built has also been explained in this book.

From the basic concepts of blockchain technology to how to write smart contracts to how to build public blockchain projects, Building Blockchain Apps is a comprehensive blockchain development guide for Blockchain practitioners.

Building Blockchain Apps is also equipped with abundant online resources. Readers can compile and deploy blockchain development examples in BUIDL FOR CMT to improve the efficiency of blockchain learning.

Building Blockchain Apps is scheduled to be published in Chinese, Italian, German, French, Japanese and Korean. The Chinese version, introduced by the China Machine Press, is expected to be released in the first half of this year.