A NEW public EWASM test net based on Second State's virtual machine technology and CyberMiles public blockchain software just launched. CYBERMILES becomes one of the world's first public blockchains to support Ethereum's next-generation virtual machine. Developers can deploy the new Ewasm smart contract by running the Ethereum's next-generation virtual machine on the new Ewasm test net of CyberMiles.

CyberMiles Ewasm TestNet

WebAssembly allows near-native code performance without compromising security. In addition, the WebAssembly community is much more vibrant and larger. With the LLVM toolchain, WebAssembly supports more than 20 programming languages, giving developers more flexibility. It's also a great opportunity to expand the blockchain community.

These features of WebAssembly have attracted attention from many blockchain projects, with Polkadot, EOS, NEAR Protocol, and Oasis all planning or already using WebAssembly as the execution engine for smart contracts.

The WebAssembly virtual machine is becoming a public infrastructure for a new generation of blockchain networks, including CyberMiles.

Last week, Second State Devchain, a blockchain startup based on [Second State] (https://www.secondstate.io/)'s blockchain software, supported the next generation Ethereum virtual machine EWASM, allowing developers to run their own EWASM devchain, the new EWASM smart contract will be deployed to the real blockchain. Second State was incubated by the CyberMiles Foundation.

This week, the CyberMiles public blockchain, adopting Second State's virtual machine, the ssvm-evmc, released a public Ewasm test net, saving developers from great amount of deployment efforts being genuinely developer-friendly.

Developers can easily connect to the new EWASM test net from CyberMiles via Ewasm test net, and then deploy and run the next generation Ethereum smart contract directly on CyberMiles'Ewasm test net.