We can categorize the NFTs into Art NFT, FI NFT, IP NFT and Game NFT.

According to the research team at CyberMiles, many problems are identified with the current NFT market. All of them are to some extent preventing NFT from being enjoyed by more users, and may cause losses and risks to users who join the craze blindly. The following is derived from CyberMile’ research.

  ART NFT has not yet developed a stable market preference and is highly susceptible to manipulation by pumping sharks; and the individual token prices are often overvalued and not for ordinary users to participate. In addition, FI NFT, which uses NFTs as proof of access/qualification and assets in DeFi scenarios and then in DeFi products, is also effectively participating in DeFi liquidity mining activities, requiring earlier user participation and carrying greater risk.

  In addition to Art NFT and FI NFT, NFTs with good liquidity tend to fall into the IP NFT genre and the Game NFT category. The former has a large fan base and committed collectors, thus becoming the anchor of the hype around IP; while the latter, through a good game mechanism design, allow the community to enjoy spiritual satisfaction while also willing to shell out real money (BTC and ETH) to participate in the probability game, while the total amount of NFT restrictions and circulation transparency turn the game itself into an investment.

  However, IP NFT collection requires players to be well versed in the IP they would like to buy. For example, the cards that can sell for high prices in NBA Top Shot are often popular players with impact and influence in reality, while a large number of ordinary players and their NTF scenes are not in demand. And the price difference between the same models can be as high as 99%, leading to extremely poor liquidity.

  In order to avoid the inflation of NFTs, Game NFT also requires a lot of time and effort from users. Without users’ continuous participation in a Blockchain Game, there is no value in just collecting Game NFTs.

  Besides, one of the best ways to get involved in NFT is to know the NFT trend and information early on and to be the first to jump in. But for common users, they can not always stay alert, retrieve and analyze relevant information, thus in turn often buying high.

  So how to ensure the efficiency and timeliness of access to NFT information? How to see the real situation of NFT more thoroughly and analyze it? In the world of blockchain, we need to make good use of the tools and keep up with the trend. By combining data and other sources, you may be able to be an early adopter of different NFT products.

The CyberMiles team has used the following tools and websites to access this information, which will help you better explore the world of NFT, remember to save these for reference.

Data Analysis / General Tools

 CryptoSlam 【NFT trading history / data analysis site】  https://cryptoslam.io/  Nonfungibe 【NFT trading history / data analysis site】  https://nonfungible.com/    ArtNFT sales / distribution platform

 Niftygateway【NFT Art Auction Platform】  https://niftygateway.com/

 Makers place【Art NFT auction distribution】  https://makersplace.com/

 SuperRare【Art NFT Auction Distribution】  https://superrare.co/

 Foundation【NFT Art Marketplace】  https://foundation.app/

 Rarible【NFT Minting and Token issuance system】  https://rarible.com/

 Fraction [NFT minting and trading platform with an access mechanism】  https://fraction.art/    NFT Trading Marketplace

 Opensea 【NFT & domain issuance/sales platform】  https://opensea.io/

 Newitem 【Heco NFT/Token auction distribution platform】  https://www.newitem.finance/

 TreasureLand [BSC on-chain NFT marketplace】  https://treasureland.market/    Innovation NFT

 CryptoHistory 【3D On-Chain NFT】  https://www.cryptohistory.art/

 CryptoVoxels【3D NFT Art Gallery】  https://www.cryptovoxels.com/

 SomniumSpace【VR+Matic On-chain NFT Museum/Foundry/Ecology】  https://somniumspace.com/

 Fraction【DAOFI's NFT Marketplace - NFT Holders Get Airdropped】  https://fraction.art/    NFT Product/Artwork  CryptoPunk https://www.larvalabs.com/cryptopunks

 HashMasks [NFT-token-FI  https://www.thehashmasks.com/

   Above are useful NFT entries with core tools in NFT research compiled exclusively for you! 

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