Hello CyberWorld Fans!

CyberMilesNews: CyberWorld.finance V1.0 airdrop campaign came to a successful conclusion! We have completed the distribution of CyberWorld Genesis Series NFTs and CMT. Thanks to every CyberWorld community participant for your support!**

As the number of winner addresses was over 100,000, so our engineer specifically developed a new tokens distribution tool to transfer the tokens. The new airdrop tool distributed a total of 114300 CMT successfully. The winners can track CMTs received here at CMTTracking. Check out the full CMT distribution record.

50 CyberWorld Genesis Series NFTs were handed out manually by the colleague of CyberMiles Foundation to the winners’ addresses within three days of the event’s end.

CyberWorld NFT Platform Launched Airdrop Campaign

CyberWorld.finance V1.0 (powered with BSC mainnet) was officially launched on 5.18. CyberWorld Genesis Series NFTs airdrop campaign was to invite the CyberWorld community to take part in CyberWorld.finance v1.0 bug test and give feedbacks about CyberWorld v1.0. CyberWorld NFTs was airdropped in 2 ways: Genesis airdrop and Greeting NFT to win airdrop. The Genesis NFT airdrop was distributed free of charge to users and developers, and accounted for 20% of the total CyberWorld Genesis Series NFTs (Cyber World Genesis Series NFTs), while the latter was mainly to users who use the CyberWorld to create and trade NFTs.

We collected over 150,000 blockchain addresses and 120,000 email addresses. Although Gleam.io helped block many bots and spammer/ cheaters, and we also screened and excluded all fake IDs one by one manually, there were still over 100,000 participants to share the CMTs airdrop pool.

To give the participants a better experience, CyberWorld decided to add an additional amount of CMTs to the reward pool. All participants who were supported to get less than 1 CMT would receive more, rounded up to 1 CMT. In other words, all participants have got at least 1 CMT. Track the CMT winners list here.

CyberWorld Genesis Series NFTs, which adopt a pixelated style, and are created against the setting of a wonderland full of adventures, opportunities, and surprises. The algorithmically generated art’s rarity attracts people to explore, collaborate and construct consensus together. The NFT Series are CyberMiles and SINO Global Shipping (NASDAQ: SINO)’s a tribute to the cyber world, powered with artistic contributions from all artists, and our vision for the future of blockchain.

To give back to the community and make the participants feel the charm of CyberWorld. Apart from the originally planned 30 NFTs lucky draw airdrop, 20 additional NFTs are added, thus a total of 50 Genesis NFTs have been given away. Track the NFTs list here

A New Powerful Token Distribution Tool

As the final winner’s addresses were over 10,0000, the distribution task was pretty tough. Our engineer Tim McCallum dedicated a lot of time to testing. Ultimately with high professionalism, only used 56 lines of code to write a smart contract that solves the problems like front-end integration. A new ‘token distribution tool’ was developed to issue awards that issue the CMT to each winning address accurately, a total of 114,300.

With this automatic token distribution application to transfer with accuracy without stop, the whole process has taken over 24 hours. The token distribution tool support parameter adjustment and many functions, such as the ability to send tokens accurately to amounts of addresses simply by uploading a single form which is very convenient. Also, the tool can be used to distribute other Ethereum — compatible blockchain tokens. Check out the open-source code for this tool: https://github.com/ParaState/bulk-token-transfer

In fact, the trickiest part of solving this bulk token transfer task was actually the front end (which we have also already gone ahead and built). The front end handles many tasks on the senders’ behalf. For example:

  • connects to a service provider (RPC endpoint)
  • deploys the smart contract (with a single click)
  • allows user to upload Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xslx format)
  • validates recipient_addresses and amounts
  • removes duplicate addresses (and consolidates the corresponding token amounts)
  • pre-checks that the sender has enough funds to complete the whole process
  • creates raw transactions in batches of 100 addresses and amounts
  • signs raw transactions (using senders private key)
  • sends signed transaction
  • reads event logs (after the process is complete)
  • reconciles any unsettled transfers (creates a set of data for transfers that need to be retried)
  • allows the sender to withdraw any value stuck in the contract

About CyberWorld NFT Platform

CyberWorld V1.0 is official up and running. You can use CyberWorld.finance create your NFT, buy NFT and take part in auctions on CyberWorld.finance. In the meanwhile, CyberWorld has data analysis and NFT ranking features, so that users can see the market dynamics better.

Looking forward to the development of CyberWorld and give more value to CyberWorld Genesis Series NFTs. Subscribenow to join CyberWorld: https://www.cyberworld.financeStay tuned for more updates on CyberWorld V2.0 and more!