As CyberMilers must have noticed, there have been warm-up and publicity on social media for CyberWorld updates and upgrades over the next few months, which began last week.

The engineers and marketing operators of CyberMiles have been delivering the CyberWorld NFT platform with tremendous efficiency and did a successful spread in the last few months. To improve the users’ experience, CyberMiles is currently upgrading the platform in terms of technology and content, bringing a new CyberWorld to everyone who always supported CyberMiles.

First, many should have already read the CyberMiles new series article on our various social media platforms. This is the new series called “CyberMilesNFT Newsletter”. We aim to publish 2-3 articles per week on Twitter, Weibo, Medium, CyberMiles blog, reddit, Telegram and other platforms to bring the latest NFT news and info to all. We also post daily updates on Twitter and CyberMiles communities, so that you will be the ‘Trendsetters’ in the NFT field. CyberMiles also hopes supporters can retweet and people will be more aware.

Secondly, has been working on transformational technology upgrades for CyberWorld:

CyberMiles App is being updated To achieve a better user experience of CyberMiles App, We are not only maintaining the desktop application of CyberWorld but also making great efforts to develop and integrate this trending NFT platform into the CyberMiles App. Users then can trade NFT via CyberMiles App directly. You can find the application on App store and Android store, or download the App from the official website: In the meanwhile, we are working hard to restore the availability on Google Play, which was previously delisted due to SDK issue. CyberMiles will inform you as soon as it is restored.

CyberWorld will be moved from BSC to CMT mainnet CyberWorld is under the plan to be migrated from BSC blockchain to CyberMiles mainnet. CyberMiles plans to achieve the goal by the end of July and will keep you updated. Thanks to CM community for the long term trust and support.

The plan to achieve the function of two-way conversion between USDO and USDT CyberWorld keeps on being optimized and upgraded to be more user-friendly. Users can make the transaction with ease. This new version of CyberWorld will bring users the feature of two-way conversion between USDO and USDT, a big step forward from the old version of CyberWorld which requires the BSC asset for gas, trade and auction. Let’s look forward to a new CyberWorld!

The new token distribution tool Over 100, 000 have joined CyberWorld NFT V1.0 airdrop campaign last month. Winners have received the NFT and CMT from CyberMiles. Due to the sheer quantity of the winners, our engineer Tim McCallum dedicated a lot of time to the development and testing of this tool. This new ‘token distribution tool’ sent** CMTs to each winning address accurately, a total of 114,300 CMTs. The token distribution tool allows parameters adjustment, like sending tokens accurately to amounts of addresses simply by uploading excels with the addresses. Also, the tool can be used to distribute other Ethereum - compatible blockchain tokens. For more details, please check the latest campaign recap article.**

These are what CyberMiles has been working on recently and planning for the next few months. We are upgrading and optimizing CyberWorld, aiming to bring a better NFT platform to all! Please follow CyberMiles social media to get the latest news. I am already looking forward to it, how about you?

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