Hi, CyberMiles fans!🍓

Great update! CyberMiles engineers have upgraded the RPC node! Now you can use MetaMask to connect to CyberMiles public blockchain! You can transfer CMT, deploy smart contract on MetaMask, and other features are compatible!

To guide you on how to connect MetaMask to the CyberMiles public blockchain. Here is a detailed tutorial for you.

  1. Log in your MetaMask account first.

  1. Click the “Networks” option.

  1. Click’ Custom RPC’ to enter the node setting interface.

  1. After click on ‘Custom RPC’, enter the ‘RPC URL’ and ‘Chain ID’ below.

New RPC URL:https://rpc.cybermiles.io:8545 Chain ID:18

  1. Click’ Save', save the above settings.

  1. The ‘Networks’ option has added the RPC URL of CyberMiles.

  1. Select this newly added network and you are connected to CyberMiles mainnet now.

Congratulations🎉! You have successfully connect MetaMask to CyberMiles blockchain.

In addition, CyberWrold V2.0 has launched a stable currency called “Diamond (DO)”. Users can add DO Token to your MetaMask account for future NFT transactions in CyberWorld.

How do you configure DO on your MetaMask? The following tutorial is simple and easy to understand:

  1. Open your MetaMask account, Select Add Token from Assets

  1. Input DO’s Token Contract Address: 0xae8ee565c21557b9354c856181cd9a0093d6530a

  1. If you have successfully configured DO coins, your MetaMask account will display the DO balance.

Hope this tutorial will be helpful to CyberMiles users. Any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

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