With the heat of NFT continues to rise, all industries are jumping on the NFT bandwagon. CyberWorld partnered with the Bank of Asia (BOA) in building their BOA’s NFT marketplace, BOAX, in July 2021. With the grand opening of the 2021 Olympic Games, BOA Financial Group officially launched the new premium NFT marketplace BOAX, which allows users to trade digital assets online. The first NFT artwork, “Olympic Happiness,” exclusive was released on the BOAX NFT Marketplace on 23 July 2021, which was created by Dr.Dominic Man-kit Lam, one of the most well-known international artists, and sold for $16,000.

BOA Financial Group is licensed, regulated by the British Virgin Islands (BVI) authorities, and headquartered there. It provides a wide range of cross-border financial services to global clients using advanced digital channels. BOA Financial Group addresses the growing financial needs of international companies, their owners, and multinational conglomerates with common banking services, including deposits and loans, cross-border payments, remittances, investments, etc.

BOAX NFT marketplace, built with tech support from the CyberWorld engineering team, is the current important innovation exploration BOA focuses on. BOA Financial Group has always been innovating with disruptive technology, which matches the core idea of CyberWorld. By encouraging untraditional thinking and new perspectives to keep, it always has been at the forefront of technology advancement.

CyberWorld is an artists-friendly NFT marketplace with a powerful engineering team and a number of quality artworks. That is why BOA Financial Group chose CyberWorld to cooperate with building their BOAX NFT marketplace. CyberWorld provides BOA Financial Group with enriched experiences in the NFT field and powerful technical support to deliver the BOAX NFT marketplace, collaborating with Master Artists and influential celebrities with stories to transform their masterpieces into new digital formats in the form of NFTS. The founder of BOAX NFT Marketplace said that NFT is the perfect and amazing form that combines digital assets with the traditional art world.

NFTs provide a chance for artworks to transform into the new digital formats, breathing new life and energy into original art pieces and enabling sharing of the unique meaning and perspective of the works in the new cyberspace. CyberWorld aims to connect technology with art, attracting attention from millennials with creative digital forms of art. CyberWorld sees a promising future in NFT and everything digital native. Let’s stay tuned for more updates from the later versions of CyberWorld.

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